Match it Fast – Fast-Paced Mobile Game


Whether you’re commuting, waiting in the waiting room, or just have a little time to kill, you more than likely spend it by playing a game on your phone.

Well, if you’re not much of a game player on your mobile device, at least check out this new gaming app, Match It Fast.

And if you’re a dog-lover, this new app kills two birds with one stone! The objective is to beat the clock and make as many matches as you can get before time runs out. This game will constantly push your skills to the edge.

You have to shift the tiles to match up the adorable pups before either the tile reshuffles or the clock hits zero.

Once you match up a pair of puppies, you’ll earn 100 treats. The point of the game will be to earn as many treats as you can and maintain focus so you can make as many matches to hit the high score! The goal will be to make a match in 5 seconds.

And if you’re really sweating and don’t think you’ll make it in time, try hitting the “Paws” button to make the puppies sit and stay for 10 seconds.

There are a total of 16 levels in Match it Fast, each one more difficult than the last.

This fun, new arcade game offers cool graphics and immersive sounds. The graphics are unique and you won’t be able to find them inside any other match game.

Match it Fast is the perfect addition to your roster of addicting games that you play when on the go.

To download the game for 99 cents, head over to the App or Google Play Store and search for “Match it Fast.”


Survive The Zombie Apocalypse On Radiation Island

Sharpen your survival skills and learn what it would really take to stay alive battling against zombies.

Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a mobile game that gives a new story to the zombie apocalypse. Obviously, you have to fight against zombies to stay alive, but the game also focuses on the basic human needs to have to maintain in order to live. Check out this Atypical Games app!

In Radiation Island you play a soldier caught in an alternate dimension who has to fight Japanese soldiers that have become zombies. In order to get back to your dimension, you have to travel around the island to find items that help you understand how you got there and why. Whether you decide to stay on the island, go into the forest or old village, or even take a swim remember this game is all about survival. This game challenges you with obstacles and new enemies to defeat at every turn. Radiation Island is available on iOS devices for $2.99.

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Bubbly Walrus Keeps Your Math Skills Sharp


Math isn’t always the most funny skill to practice. For years, games and puzzles have been used to add a little more fun to subject.

Bubbly Walrus

If you’re looking for a way to practice your math skills or help a young student learn new skills, a game is the most interesting way to do it. Some games just aren’t that fun though. Lucky, I’ve found a game that’s great whether its being used in the classroom or just leisurely to past the time. Bubbly Walrus is a mobile game that lets you brush up on your math skills in a stress free way.

Bubbly Walrus emphasizes the use of mathematics to beat levels with high quality game design and gameplay. The game gets more advanced with every level you beat. In Level 1, the object is to solve multiplication problems by dragging down bubbles until they’re all gone. In a later level, you turn over rocks by solving multiplication problems. In order to beat a level you have to finish the drawing. Bubbly Walrus becomes more challenging with each level and is great for kids learning math skills as well as adults to test their skills. There are over 52 levels and a “challenge friends” feature. Bubbly Walrus is a fun game and it’s available on iOS and Android devices – both phones and tablets – for $1.99.

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Play Sudoku With Allen The Alien

Stimulate your mind and have fun playing sudoku. Challenge yourself with each game and move closer to your goal.

Play through a series of sudoku games to reach your end goal of helping Allen the Alien find his way back to his home planet. As you beat each puzzle you move to another level of difficulty truly testing your sudoku skills. This adventurous game gives any player a sense of accomplishment with each sudoku puzzle completed. Sudoku In Space is a mentally stimulating way to pass the time.

Sudoku in Space developed by a husband and wife team combined a love of Sudoku with space by offering more colorful and playful settings than regular Sudoku. The idea is to help Allen the Alien get back to his home planet by solving Sudoku puzzles. In addition to playing with numbers you have the option to play with colors. You are rewarded with starts with each completed puzzle during Allen’s journey. The gameplay is almost endless with over 750 puzzles accompanied by cool space-themed music and graphics. Sudoku in Space is free to download on iOS and Android, the mobile game is also compatible with Amazon devices.

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