SS-CMMS – Ensuring that Your Business is Streamlined and Organized


Management software is an imperative factor in running an efficient company and ensuring that things are streamlined and organized. Facility and equipment maintenance has conventionally been an area where tracking and filing rarely make its way to a computer.

This is where SS-CMMS comes in.

This cloud-based Maintenance Management software was designed with the maintenance professional in mind.

The simple format makes sense and flows smoothly from one task to the next reducing paperwork in the process. It was also built to work without the need for mandatory entries and confusing page layouts.

SS-CMMS includes the following tools:

  • Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Records
  • Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Budgeting

Every report can be configured to your specification. Select what you wish to include and how you want it sorted. In addition, there are a number of other useful features.

Look up any Work Order quickly and simply without having to dig through folders. What’s convenient about work orders is that you can draft it right in an email so it’s sent out immediately. You can even set up email notifications related to the order.

Other features include tracking parts so you know when you need to order more, storing files or photos in the cloud and linking them to specific jobs or items as well as keeping an eye on your budget at all times.

You’ll be able to access these cloud-based features and more from anywhere in the world with the SS-CMMS Android and iOS apps.

To get started with this affordable management solution for your maintenance needs head on over to today.


WigL – Relish in the Freedom of Cordless Electronics

Tech Report

The more and more we become dependent on electronic devices, the more our need to rely on them increases. Currently, there isn’t a form of charging that doesn’t require some form of a cord or electronic leash.

But just imagine…if you NEVER needed to plug yourself into a phone or tablet or electric car AGAIN?

This is where WigL takes this idea from concept to fruition.

WigL works by sending power wirelessly over the air with smart software that communicates just like Wi-Fi does with data.

Everyone is tied to a wall or in an extreme case, tied to a pad charger which the industry labels as “wireless” when it’s in fact not. It turns out that our like for electronic devices is tied to how well the battery performs.

When the battery is at 100%, we’re good to go. But once we see that flash of red or push notification saying it’s dying, we hate it. WigL literally cuts the cord on this frustration.

You no longer have to worry about being tied to a pad or cord anymore. You can also send power long distance and encrypt that power just like would encrypt data. How cool is it to think of that the moment you walk into your home, your phone starts to charge?

To learn more about WigL and their smart wireless power technology, visit today.

UnEarthed Candles – Luxury and Environmentally-Friendly Candles

Consumer Update

If you’re a candle-lover, you know the calming effect it can have on us to help us relax. So what’s not to love about candles?! Well, okay, they can be potential fire hazards, but if lit responsibly, they can really do something with your home’s ambiance. But it is important to know that not all candles are created equal.

UnEarthed Candles are not only luxurious, but they’re environmentally friendly in regards to their wax formula. In addition, they’re known to be long lasting power-scents.

UnEarthed Candles come in amazing fragrances such as Willow, with hints of Bamboo and Mediterranean-fig, or Vanilla Silk, that’ll make you feel nostalgic and cozy.

UnEarthed, Roman antiquity inspired candles offer a variety of styles such as the 24.6oz jar, the 14oz. glass, the perfect balance gift set of seven votive candles and more.

These candles offer an upscale glow to your home, with notes of copper shine and a perfectly formulated, smooth, clean burn. This holiday season, UnEarthed will be right at your fingertips to give as the perfect gift.

And when you send these gifts to your friends and family, they will receive the royal treatment opening experience. You can also get free shipping on your first purchase from UnEarthed by using the promo code NEWSWATCH18.

To start filling your home with these little pieces of joy, head to unearthedcandles.comtoday.


Are You Up for Smart Ass?

If you’re looking for board game fun to enjoy with family and friends during the holidays, then look no further than Smart Ass.

Smart Ass is a trivia game filled with hysterics, ridiculousness, and a downright good ol’ time!

How to Play:

Find 2 to 8 players (preferably ages 12 and up) to set up Smart Ass shop. The game comes equipped with 8 “Smart Ass” playing pieces, 490 questions, 1 jumbo category die, and 1 jumbo movement die and instructions.

Each Who, What and Where am I? card contains 10 clues. A clue is then read and everyone playing rushes to yell out the correct answer in hopes to say it first. So if you think you know it, shout it out loud!

If, however, you get the answer wrong, you’re out of the round. Smart Ass doesn’t so much test your knowledge as it tests how quick on your feet you can be.

How to Win:

The goal of the game is to reach the target in the center of the board.

What to Expect from Smart Ass and Why You Should Play:

Smart Ass is filled with a good, clean sense of humor, so despite the name, it’s appropriate for children of all ages.

Over 2 million copies have been sold and its 900+ reviews have averaged a rating of 4.5 stars.

So…you guys know what time it is, it’s time for Smart Ass.

Sketch Nation Competition

Who Can Sketch Best? The Repercussions of Losing At Your Own Game

NewsWatch created a fun, yet friendly, competition between Chris and Michelle to see who would don the famous dinosaur mask in public.

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Andrew gets to keep his suede shoes in mint condition while Chris puts a lid on it

It seemed to be that no matter what, Chris found himself spilling his drink and on top of every office electronic.

Nothing was solving Chris’ drinking problem…until there came a drinking solution.

RevoMax has now fully treated Chris’ liquid casualties and his contents now remain contained (no matter how often he still drops his cup).

And of course, Andrew’s shoes stay dry and oh-so stylish.

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Instagram Drops New Features and Kills One

Courtesy of Endgadget.

Courtesy of endgadget.

By: Hazel Lovely Saunders

A couple of weeks ago Instagram released a surprising new feature called Stories, which allows you to share all the moments throughout your day. Similar to rival app Snapchat, stories consists of mini video clips or pictures stay up for 24 hours, appearing as a mini slideshow or video series. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, attempted to purchase Snapchat a couple of years ago. They couldn’t buy the app, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t integrate their ideas in their app.

But Instagram released a feature that Snapchat doesn’t have: zooming. This gives the users the ability to zoom in on other users’ photos and videos by pinching the post. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for iPhone users, but they say it will be released soon on Android.

The new zoom feature allows marketers to get even more creative with content on Instagram. Instead of watching a video in one perspective, users can now zoom around and choose a certain focus to view.

Courtesy of Tech Crunch.

Instagram will also take advantage of the new iPhone 7 plus dual camera. Courtesy of Tech Crunch.

The problem with this new feature is that Instagram images content can look grainy if you zoom in too much. But this isn’t stopping users from using this new feature—there’s even a trending hashtag about Instagram’s latest addition.

These features are here to stay, but the photo map feature is on its way out. This classic feature allowed you to see a map of where a users’ photos were taken (if you allowed it). Instagram said in a statement to Mashable, “Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities.”

So what are your thoughts? Are you sad to see the Photo-Map feature go? Or are you happy that you can zoom? Tweet us your thoughts @NewsWatchTV.

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