MedShift – X-Change – Offering a Way to Solve Staffing Needs


It’s not a secret that anyone who works in the medical field has a fairly demanding profession.

It’s incredibly imperative that they’re available for scheduled shifts and to provide important patient care. But what happens when unexpected events get in the way? The MedShift X-Change app offers a new and innovative way to help solve staffing needs in the form of a low-cost, high-value, simple-to-use app.

MedShift X-Change works on a peer-to-peer exchange. Providers easily post shifts they are unable to fill, available providers will receive and accept via a push notification. When the provider offers a shift, the receiving provider accepts, and everything runs smoothly without a hitch.

With continuous access to this network, organizations and providers can quickly and confidently find someone to fill shifts, ultimately improving patient care satisfaction metrics and lowering organizational costs.

If you’re an organization seeking to help solve staffing needs, MedShift X-Change allows you to review available shifts and accept one that meets your need, without making a single call or sending a text.

You can download MedShift X-Change for a low-cost, high-value alternative in staffing in the Google Play store today.


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