Pebble Beauty – Reducing Pore Size and Giving a More Radiant Complexion

Consumer Update

If you’re looking for a facial that’s all-natural, adaptable, fresh and fun, then take a look at Pebble Beauty.

Pebble Beauty is a green earth mask kit, with enough product in it for nearly 25 masks.

The kit comes with beautiful accessories to use again and again so the recipient of your gift will be reminded of you every time they use the kit.

In addition, there’s a konjac sponge for cleansing your skin in preparation for the mask, a ceramic bowl with a bamboo lid for mixing and storing any left-over mask, a bamboo hairband to keep your hair away from your face, a mask brush to apply the mask and a bamboo facecloth to remove the mask.

The facial toner in the kit can be used to mix the clay mask and also as a daily spritz to refresh your skin and it’s great for setting mineral makeup.

Pick yours up today by searching for Pebble Beauty on Amazon or by heading to


MASS EDEN – Care for Your Sensitive Skin

Consumer Update

Let’s get rid of the old belief that many still seem to hold on to to this day: Taking care of yourself is NOT selfish. There’s nothing self-centered or egotistical about self-care.

Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about a whole new body care brand, MASS EDEN.

MASS EDEN is a green beauty brand that concentrates on preserving the personal identity of health-conscious and sensitive skin consumers. Founded by TL Robinson, MASS EDEN’s whole model is geared around being consumer-centric so they take health concerns and perceptions of brand identity into consideration. 

They have a consumer feedback process that informs the moves they make to ensure that consumer needs are being met. In that way, they can constantly provide natural and organic body care products formulated specifically to satisfy the needs of sensitive skin.

MASS EDEN’s products are also gender neutral and formulated for anyone – regardless of skin type. And while their products are designed to care for sensitive skin, they have amazing effects on the skin of any condition.

Light Oil

MASS EDEN Light Oil includes a natural formula that moisturizes dry skin allowing it to show its natural glow. A quick look at the ingredients (Camellia Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, etc.) and you know you’re not putting a slather of chemicals on your face. It’s all natural and designed to improve your skin’s health.

Dark Oil

Their Dark Oil, also all-natural, was designed to hydrate dull or parched skin without leaving an oil trail. Coffee arabica oil provides antioxidants directly to the skin while releasing a luxurious aroma.

Facial Steam

And then there’s the Facial Steam which is an absolutely delightful at-home spa-like treatment that allows for a deeper clean of your skin. This organic and botanical tea helps prepare skin to accept moisture.

Head on over to to peruse their collection and purchase yours today.

Scan For The Best Skin Care Product

Skin care products can make or break your clear skin. CosScan2Obviously, there are numerous products for your skin. Since everyone has different needs for their skin to be healthy and clear. With all of the options in various stores, it can be hard to determine what products are best for YOUR skin. CosScan is a resourceful tool to use next to you go hygiene shopping.

CosScan from SkintechMD is the World’s First Cosmetic Scanner app. CosScan can determine if any of the ingredients in the skin care products you use will cause skin allergies, block your pores or have any link to cancer. The app will also make a recommendation on whether you have the “all clear” to buy the product or if you should consult a dermatologist first. The next version of the app will include a cosmetic product databank and a bar code scanner created by SkintechMD. This Digital Skin Platform is partially funded by a Government of Singapore Grant.

To learn more, visit today.

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