Swann – Wire-Free Smart Security Camera for Indoors and Outdoors

Tech Report

If you own or rent a home and seek to protect your loved ones, you should invest in a home security system. Our recommendation? Swann’s latest indoor and outdoor security cameras.

These cameras are simple to install and connect to power outlets to wirelessly transmit video and audio. This is done using Wi-Fi – both indoors and outdoors. The Smart Security Camera also runs off rechargeable battery power.

In addition, the camera connects to your Amazon powered devices so you are able to activate/control them with your voice. The video streams in full HD 1080p and records clips to local memory as well as the secure cloud – both during day and night.

And if you’re looking for a true peace of mind, you can activate the True Detect thermal sensing that alerts you when the camera detects the heat of moving objects.

And if you aren’t at home and someone triggers the camera, you’ll be able to see things for yourself by accessing the Swann app for either iOS and Android devices.

So make sure to secure your home by picking up the newest indoor and outdoor cameras from Swann.


EEEKit – The Stylish Smart Plug for Your Smart House Lifestyle

Consumer Update

Are you still using old-fashioned outlets in your home? Doesn’t that get old after a while? I mean, they’ve been around for so long and with so many of the present technological advancements, you’d think there’d be, I don’t know, something different?

This is the age of smart-home technology. It’s time for the new and improved.

Well, it’s time to introduce the stylish smart plug, EEEKit Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

This guy is easy to use. Simply plug it into your wall and set up with the accompanying Smart Life app.

Once you’ve paired the app with the device, you can plug anything into the outlet and turn it on or off via your phone. You can also set to a schedule right from your mobile device.

Let’s take a look at some examples. Let’s say you’re in another room and want to turn the light off. No problem! Just tap it off.

Did you leave the coffee pot on? No worries, just tap it to “off.” You don’t even have to be in the house! All you need is an internet connection and you can turn off whatever is plugged in.

Some of their latest products include:

  • EEEKit 2-pack Mini Retractable Cable Wired USB Optical Mouse – this is excellent for kids and travel for Apple Mac HP Dell Lenovo Thinkpad Sony Asus Acer Tablet PC Laptop
  • EEEDit Bundle for Printer Switch, 2 Port USB 2.0 Manual Printer Scanner Sharing Switch Hub 2 PC to 1 Spliiter Adapter, 2 Pack USB A to B Printer Cable
  • Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter for Samsung Gear 360 Camera (2016 and 2017 editions)
  • 4 in 1 Remote Mounting Kit for Samsung Gear 360 2017/2016 Edition

For those who prefer voice control, this smart plug also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. In addition, the plug doubles as a light with customizable LED effects.

To purchase the EEEKit Wi-Fi Smart Plug search for it on Amazon.

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