Taimi – The New Gay Dating App


Dating and building relationships is never an easy thing and, unfortunately, it is even more difficult if you are a part of the gay community. The biggest problems arise in the area of safety, so important for gay people and so often ignored by dating apps.

If you are looking for a safe and unbiased place in the community, we suggest you take a look at Taimi – a brand new gay dating and social network.

Taimi is an app that requires a two-factor authentication when logging into the app. A team of moderators checks each new profile on the platform.

Besides, users have a chance to get a verification tick on their profile by confirming their e-mail and taking a verification picture.

This system weeds out scammers and catfishers. Once you’re in the app you can start using it much the same way you’d use any other app by swiping through profiles. But Taimi goes even further by adding a social network feature to its platform.

You can follow groups and other users’ feeds to find like-minded people, as well as get a better idea of the person you matched with.

Another distinct feature that is rarely found on dating apps is the ability to make live video calls. This is just another way to verify the person is real and get a better sense of them before you meet face to face.

Download Taimi for free in the Google Play or App Store today.


Go On Head, Retweet Yourself: Twitter Gets an Update

We bet that quite a few of you are on Twitter. And since there are over 300 million active monthly users, the odds are in our favor. Well, just so ya know, Twitter got a whole lot cooler this week. Here’s our breakdown of what’s new in the Twitter-sphere:


  1. Say bye-bye to harsh 140 character restrictions
    • You heard us right. Twitter just got a little more lenient with the character count. You’re now able to add pictures, GIFs, quoted tweets, and videos without adding to the total number of characters. Alas!
  2. Go on head, retweet yourself.
    •  Did we stutter? You can retweet yourself. Feel free to share all the glorious comments from your Twitter’s past.
  3. Replies sans @username
    • When you’d reply to a tweet, the tweet would start with @username before your comment. That’s no longer the case. Now there’s a thread line that shows who you’re replying to with your tweet below. So that just means that you have even more characters to share your reply.

So what do you think? Was this update everything you hoped for and more? If so, you can – shameless plug – tweet us @newswatchtv. Or if the update didn’t live up to the hype, you can still tweet us; we’ll be happy to reply.

Make New Friends Based On Your Interests

These days a lot of relationships are built online from professional connections to romantic, so why not make a best friend through social media.

Portraits: Group Of Friends Having Fun In Photo Booth

Sharing the same interests is a great foundation for any type of relationship. Making and keeping friends can be a difficult thing to try and do these days. Why not use technology to build bonds instead of break them? InCommon is an app that aims to bring people who share common interest together and create friendships.

InCommon is a new social media app that isn’t a dating app, it finds people that you share common interests with and can connect too. Use your Facebook or Google to setup an account and add details about your personal interest. InCommon will connect you with people who share your same interest even allowing you to shake your phone to receive new matches. InCommon is available on iOS and Android.

To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/1HcLzuO today.

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