Yacker Tracker – Turn Down the Noise with the Flash of a Light

Consumer Update

Are you having trouble with too much noise coming from your rambunctious group of excited kids? Sometimes you just need them to take it down a notch.

Well, check out the Yacker Tracker.

This visual noise signal tool lets the group know when noise levels are getting too high. It resembles a traffic signal with red, yellow, and green lights. The green smiley face lets everyone know they’re keeping it at a pleasant level.

The yellow lets them know that levels are rising and the red frowny face reminds them to lower the volume. It’s an easy way to help kids monitor their own levels so you can accomplish a quiet environment ideal for learning and working, which is perfect for kids as young as kindergarten all the way up through 12th grade.

In fact, this convenient little reminder has worked wonders in office spaces where open office concepts can result in a noisy and distracting environment.

By giving everyone a visual cue, employees can take responsibility and course correct the volume of their voice. You can customize the Yacker Tracker to the sound level that’s best for your situation.

To purchase yours today head on over to Yackertracker.com.


Vintorio – Enjoy Wine at its Fullest Potential

Tech Report

Wine is not only one of the oldest drinks in the world, but it’s also one of the only ones actively paired with food.

Despite its popularity, there are still many who don’t understand how to appreciate it or drink it properly.

Vintorio aims to work with their customers to help them become more familiar with and enjoy wine. One of the ways they intend to do that is with their wine aerator.

You may have heard of the importance of letting wine breathe to bring out its best.

An aerator allows you to unleash the wine’s full potential instantly without having to wait for it to breathe. And to be honest, sometimes you just can’t wait to put that wine glass to your lips.

The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake system that allows you to infuse your wine with the optimal amount of oxygen. The rubber stopper is designed to create a leak-free seal for wine bottles of all sizes, while the spout is ergonomically slanted for a dripless pour.

You can purchase the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer or other wine accessories by going to Amazon.com and searching for “Vintorio.”

Rotor Riot – Bring Your Favorite Games with You Everywhere

Tech Report

If you’re a gamer but want to go mobile and to the next level, you need a low-latency and affordable controller.

Rotor Riot is the first full-sized wired controller approved by Apple for lightning connected iOS devices that has L3 and R3 fire buttons on its joysticks. And it’s hard-wired to your iOS device so there are none of the low-latency issues mobile gamers fear with Bluetooth controllers.

Not to mention, having a fully featured controller that’s hand-size means you’re more in control throughout the game. And they collaborated with Ludu Mapp, a companion app that has thousands of games for iOS devices.

Ludu Mapp was designed and built by gamers for gamers, gathering all of the known titles into one app and sorting them into various search categories and charts as well as sharing gameplay hints and tips.

But it’s not just games, there are many other apps on Ludu Mapp that allow the Rotor Riot controller to control drones like the Ryze Tello, DJI Spark, and Teal One plus many more allowing precise and lower latency control.

So if you want to take your mobile gaming and drone flying to the next level, you need to check out the Rotor Riot controller by heading to Best Buy today.

Cove – Take Your Online Dating Experience Up a Notch

Tech Report

These days, online dating is not just accepted but common practice. And while there are many options that exist, lots of people are left frustrated with the experience. 

Whether the process is too time-consuming, the conversations are shallow, or there’s a fear of getting catfished – there should be a better approach.

That’s where a Canadian technology company called Cove comes in.

Cove has corrected the problems that hamper many online dating apps. It allows users a progressive engagement from text to audio, to video. For those looking for more than an online hook-up, Cove provides a fun experience for that critical decision of selecting a mate.

Cove believes that many people aspire for deeper and more meaningful conversations. That’s why they’ve created an environment that values traditional courtship while respecting the value of people’s time and attention in this technological era.

As a healthy alternative to hookup apps, Cove provides an efficient and innovative way to progress the depth of conversation in just 10 days.

If you make it through the Cove with your match, you have a better chance to see if you have enough chemistry and compatibility to take the time to meet in person— all while preserving personal information.

Cove believes that the typical dating app experience does not allow people to get an accurate depiction of someone’s personality because texting and photo profiles are very limited.

Cove has created an innovative LEVEL system – where the conversation starts with text which progresses to audio and eventually moves to video.  And to make sure users are motivated, they’ve created a loyalty program that lets desirable profiles redeem rewards for their time and openness to explore their options.

So if you want to get started on a new dating app, head to meetinthecove.com today.

EnergyFlux Ellipse – Warm Your Hands with this Rechargeable Device

Consumer Update

It’s that time of year again – no, not just the holidays, but also the time when it’s cold outside. So if you want to keep your hands warm, but don’t want to have to buy individual warming packets, you need to check out the EnergyFlux Ellipse.

This little guy is a rechargeable, easy to grip, electric handwarmer that also serves as a charger for your USB-powered devices.

Let’s go into how it works.

Once you’ve charged it,  all you have to do is press and hold the button until the LED light starts flashing – then it’s on and heating.

There are then two heat levels you can choose from – high and low – which come out to around 107 and 118 degrees.

The Energy Flux Ellipse also heats up rapidly, so your fingers get warm in seconds.

Charging phones and other USB-powered devices is even easier. Just use the USB cable that came with your device or the Ellipse to connect to the Ellipse’s USB port.

As soon as you plug in, the Ellipse will come alive and start charging your phone.

So if you want to keep your hands warm and your phone charged, search for the EnergyFlux Ellipse on Amazon.

Venzee – Increase Efficiency, Cut Costs and Save Time for Employees

Tech Report

Online retail continues to grow exponentially. With more shoppers going online, larger carts, increasing purchase frequency, and more and more products being sold online, the problem of inaccurate product information is only getting bigger and more expensive.

Venzee solves this.

Powered by their core technology, Mesh, Venzee automates content exchange workflows that increase margins and accelerate revenue. Venzee empowers established supply chain leaders to adapt to market demands and scale distribution efforts with system-to-system integrations.

Venzee engages enterprises of all sizes with scalable custom solutions through a suite of products which includes: Mesh, their core product and data transformation and distribution platform; Studio, a web-based interface aimed at SMBs who require content automation to scale efforts, but lack the developer resources; and Autopilot, an automation tool that pairs with Studio or Mesh to meet a client’s desired level of workflow automation, aimed at suppliers and brands with complex distribution requirements.

With Venzee you can do the following:

  • Upload once, publish everywhere – manufacturers, distributors or retailers – Venzee transforms data to syndicate throughout the supply chain
  • Fits all, big and small – built to automate enterprise, but friendly enough for small business
  • Sync like you mean it – works with any data management solution to provide all the advantages, without any tradeoffs

With competition in retail fiercer than it’s ever been, Venzee’s technology enables businesses to move and adapt faster.

Learn how you can increase efficiency, cut costs and save time for your employees by heading over to venzee.com today.

Trinus VR – An Affordable VR Solution

Tech Report

Virtual Reality has come a long way since the crude designs from the 80s and 90s, but it still is an expensive technology.

Trinus VR is the affordable solution that uses the hardware you already own. It’s a software that connects your PC to your smartphone.

First, you start by downloading the PC application.

Next, download the Android app and put on the headset. Trinus VR then uses your phone’s display and sensors to transform it into a portal for your PC Virtual Reality games. And the best part of it is, it’s wireless! That allows you to experience full 360 gameplay without worrying about yanking wires.

Trinus VR is optimized for Daydream, Google’s VR certified platform. But also works on older, non-certified smartphones. There’s even a Trinus version to use Playstation’s VR headset on your PC! It supports SteamVR PC games as well as those never designed for VR. It simply converts them for the ultimate immersive experience.

You’ll discover a whole new way to play your favorite classic and
modern games. All that at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated VR headset for PC.

To start using Trinus VR today, visit trinusvr.com.

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