Would You Ditch Netflix if They Started Showing Ads?

By: Kassidy Coleman

How often do you binge watch Netflix? Maybe more often than you’d like to admit? It’s okay, we already know that Netflix is one of the more popular subscription streaming video services. But there’s something you may or may not have noticed recently: Netflix prices have been rising while their catalog has been shrinking. In fact, the U.S. catalog for Netflix has shrunk by more than 2,500 titles in less than 2 1/2 years. There’s no question – Netflix is changing.

If you’re wondering why Netflix is changing, think about it for a second. Netflix used to be THE subscription video streaming service, there was absolutely no competition. Now Netflix actually has direct competitors like Hulu and Amazon who could be to blame for the changes. Before, Netflix didn’t have to worry too much about competitors because Netflix had a large catalog to browse and was completely ad free. It’s becoming apparent that Netflix is starting to get a little hurt by its competitors.

If Netflix showed ads it would increase their revenue without having to increase the prices for customers. Would you want to deal with ads on Netflix? According to AllFlicks, most Netflix customers would prefer what’s pretty much impossible – no ads, cost as little as possible, and of course have a catalog full of content.

AllFlicks asked 1,200 people on Reddit if they would rather pay more for Netflix or see advertisements while they watched videos. Over 90% of the participants stated they would prefer to pay more than see ads.

Good thing these findings line up closely to what Netflix found – they opted to increase the price slightly instead of having ads. AllFlicks also discovered that many users would ditch the streaming service completely if they started to show ads. 74% of participants agreed that they would say goodbye to Netflix if they started to show ads. Some participants were so upset by just the idea of Netflix showing ads that they used profanity.

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Revolutionary Camera Tech

MWC 2016

With the technology we have today, it is now easier than ever to capture every moment. Taking a picture or video is as easy as pulling out your phone and snapping away. But no matter how simple and effortless it is we still want higher quality. Don’t you want your photos and videos in the highest quality physically possible? Companies that build smartphones put a lot of attention and effort into upgrading their cameras to meet the quality that consumers demand and expect. Well here is a revolutionary camera technology being produced by AP Photonics Limited.

This technology improves camera quality dramatically by employing an optical image stabilization mechanism which controls the lens to counter any external vibrations. So let’s say you are running along with a GoPro or you shake someone’s hand while videoing, normally this would introduce a lot of shaking in the finished video. Well if your device houses AP Photonics tech you will see something a lot different. The high precision gyro-sensor detects the vibration while the control driver analyzes the data at a high speed. The actuator then kicks in to control the optical components in real-time to counter the external vibration. Think about it for a second- this opens up so many possibilities when it comes to recording video and taking photographs because you will be able to enjoy the moment and not worry about whether or not you are moving too much. Because of its compact size and low power consumption, it is best suited for mobile devices but can be used in nearly any product.

Are you ready to stop worrying about whether or not you are moving too much while recording video and taking pictures? For more information on AP Photonics camera technology go to app-hk.com today.

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Save Every Memory

When we revisit a specific spot it can bring back great memories.


Whether it’s your old high school football stadium or your favorite park, just by visiting a place you’ve been before you can be overwhelmed by a lot of different memories. Though it can be fun to just think about your favorite moments from the past Capsules can help you relive those special moments.

Capsules is a video recording and sharing app that makes reliving memories more innovative. This app only allows you to re-watch videos when you are in the same location as it was originally recorded. Re-experience every aspect of a memory because you are physically in the same area it happened. You can even share your video for other users to watch when they are in the same location. Capsules is free on iOS devices.

To learn more, visit https://itunes.apple.com/ today.

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Be Rewarded For Your Talent With New On Scene

Sharing your talents can be fun, but profitable.


Social media outlets like YouTube and Vine are great ways to share your talents. Though it is an easy way to get yourself out there quick there is much of a tangible take away from the experience. New On Scene is a site that lets you display your talent and gain something a little extra from sharing.

NewOnScene.com allows artists to showcase their talent. Artists, filmmakers, or anyone looking to put on a show have the opportunity and platform to upload their work, which can then be viewed for $1 a show, paid directly to the members account. The artist receives 100% of the ticket sales and ad revenues made from uploaded videos. The site only makes money from the annual membership fee of $59.95 and right now there’s a free year membership.

To learn more, visit http://www.newonscene.com today.

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KineMaster – Video Editor For Android


KineMaster is the pro-grade video editor that you’ll want to use on your Android device! View your creations in full HD and choose from a number of filters to manipulate the visual effects to your desire. Add a little extra to your videos by inserting text and your favorite soundtrack. You can also cut and edit the clips as if you were on a computer. KineMaster is the only app that provides all the functions of a PC video editing software without actually connecting your phone to another device.

To learn more about KineMaster, click here.

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