Yummy Sake – What’s Your Favorite Sake?

Consumer Update

With this next gadget, you’ll be able to discover your favorite kind of Sake, without even taking a sip! This innovative service lets you discover your preference by combining a blind-tasting method and A.I. technology straight from your phone.

It’s called Yummy Sake.

Yummy Sake is simply tasting entertainment which can find your own taste preference without any knowledge or rule about Sake.

The process is easy.

  1. Visit
  2. Taste
  3. Rate

All you have to do is visit Yummy Sake’s Web App with your smartphone at stores and taste and rate a tiny 10 cups of Sake without any information such as price, brand, package or brewing process.

In the end, their A.I. tells you your taste preference from 12 types of flavor they have uniquely categorized with professional Sake sommeliers.

Once this experience is over, you don’t need to learn confusing terminologies to get your favorite sake in a liquor store or restaurant. This is simply because Yummy Sake’s partnership stores can show you favor-tags for every Sake product. All you have to do is simply tell your flavor type.

Sake is getting quite popular in global markets. The export value is increasing about 10% year on year. Over 1,400 Sake breweries in Japan are still growing its diverse taste. This means Sake beginners will not easily find their favorite one.

But this isn’t just available in Japanese? Don’t worry. There’s an English version of YUMMY SAKE that was launched earlier this year for tourists.

So if you visit Tokyo, you can go ahead and give Yummy Sake a try at one of their stores.



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When picking a place to visit it is important that the destination offers more than just one fun thing to do. It isn’t everyday that you find a location that gives you a sense of enlightenment with its rich history, but also excites you with something new to do everyday with its modern technology and lifestyle. Manchester opens your eyes to everything the UK has to offer travelers.

Manchester is a vibrant UK city that captures the beauty of the old world, but as stays innovative in the technology industry. For over 250 years Manchester has been a city of firsts. It’s the city where the first stored-program computer was built and even where the atom was split. It literally has been on the cutting edge of technology and is home to not 1, not 2 but 25 Nobel Prize winners. As Europe’s second largest creative digital hub they’ve built places like Media City which is a creative and tech campus where creatives and experts from numerous different sectors can come together to change the world. But beyond all that Manchester is just an awesome place to visit – with culture, restaurants, and a beautiful downtown. So if you’re planning a trip or looking to expand your business internationally, put Manchester on the list.

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